50+ Years Band Management & Event Promoter”


Ronnie Stewart ~ Founder 

Ronnie Stewart is the main man of Irish Rock Management. Mr. Stewart has 50+ years’ experience booking, promoting, and managing bands worldwide. He's extremely well experienced in booking to a wide assortment of venues and many varying styles of music. One of many of Mr. Stewart's strengths has been, and continues to be, his road experience. Ronnie is not only tenacious, diligent, and professional in the IRM offices, but his decades of road touring experiences gives great insight to his professionalism and success.                                                                                             

Steve Yourglivch ~ Consultant

Steve Yourglivch is a respected music journalist, interviewer, reviewer and recently was the Features Editor for the prestigious Blues Matters! Magazine for some 5 years! (Blues Matters! Magazine has become one of the most recognizable blues magazines in the world). Steve works alongside top record labels and PR companies and maintains his many industry contacts.  For the past 7 years, Steve successfully manages the international recording artist Malaya Blue. Steve brings many years of experience in almost every aspect of the music industry.  He has his own radio show – ‘Tracks Across the Ocean’ that broadcasts twice weekly in Boston, USA.   Steve is a lifelong music fan, collector and supporter.                        

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